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Drawing from her professional background as a behavioral neuroscience researcher specializing in chronic inflammatory pain and natural products research, Gigi looks at nutrition different from most. She sees nutrition from the inside out – and answers the question “What do the foods we eat do inside our bodies?”

It is this unique, fact-based approach to nutrition, combined with her personal experience living with celiac disease and multiple food allergies that gives Gigi insight into the nutrition of many special diets few are able to offer.

In addition to publications in peer-reviewed research journals, Stewart’s work is featured on sites such as Health Central, Gluten Free Therapeutics and

Gigi’s latest book is “The Gluten-Free Solution: Your Ultimate Guide to Positive Gluten-Free Living”.  Whether you’re newly diagnosed with celiac disease, suffer from another autoimmune disease requiring a gluten-free diet, or are still seeking answers to your health and nutrition issues, this book has the fact-based answers you need, and are shared with an upbeat, inspiring and positive approach so that anyone who desires to do so can easily transform and begin to restore their health with the foods they eat.

Growing Naturals protein powders are ideal for my gluten-free, allergen-free lifestyle! In addition to having celiac disease, I also have multiple food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and soy, and I live dairy-free. Growing Naturals not only meets my food allergy requirements, it meets my family’s high standards in terms of nutrition and taste, too!

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