You’re not feeling like yourself. You’ve been battling health challenges and figuring out a diagnosis…

It’s tiring, and the trick now is figuring out a new way of consuming more nutritious foods and avoiding the foods that contribute to your health challenges. Because how you feel is more important than how you look (but if you could have both, it wouldn’t hurt).

Taking the Fit Challenge can mean new solutions whether you’re dealing with food allergies, gut issues, psoriasis, diabetes, bariatric surgery, or hundreds of other challenges. Our in-house Dietitian, Scarlett Full, along with our other Gurus are here to provide ideas for everything from exercise to all-inclusive recipes–categorized into low carb, low sugar, gluten-free, heart healthy, antioxidant and more!

Our battery life can be rejuvenated and we can feel like ourselves again. We’ll show you how. It’s not the end of the world; it’s the beginning of the new you. We’ll teach you solutions and it’ll be delicious!


Try picking one new recipe to try each day. Check out newly added articles and videos each week. Let us know what you think and earn more chances to win over 80 prizes!




7 Diseases Plant Proteins Help Fight

7 Diseases Plant Proteins Help Fight Think of the word “protein.” What’s the first thing that pops into your head? If you’re like a lot of people, it’s often the image of a big, red steak. But plants can be protein powerhouses too. Just like animal proteins, plant-based protein sources [...]

Best Foods to Tame a Hangover

Best Foods to Tame a Hangover It’s happened to most of us. After a night out and a few drinks, you wake up with a pounding headache, you feel nauseous, and you just want to crawl back into bed and sleep. More often than not, this isn’t the result of [...]

Three Scientifically Proven Reasons to Eat More Protein

Three Scientifically Proven Reasons to Eat More Protein If you follow the latest in health and nutrition, you’ve likely heard some conflicting opinions over the years about what you should and shouldn’t eat. One thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, however, is the need for protein. Protein is [...]

The Top 10 Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

The Top 10 Benefits of Weightlifting for Women Weight lifting is the Holy Grail of exercises—it keeps you lean, strong, healthy, and happy. Women in particular can experience some pretty amazing benefits from weight lifting, from a healthier weight to stronger bones to better confidence and self-esteem. But unfortunately, most women [...]

6 Healthy Protein Recipes to Tame Your Holiday Cravings

6 Healthy Protein Recipes to Tame Your Holiday Cravings There's nothing wrong with indulging once in a blue moon--but it seems like each year right after  Halloween #treatyoself becomes almost a daily thing. The worse part is that more often than not ,once you start splurging you can't stop. It can become a slippery [...]

Top Foods to Fight Breast Cancer

Top Foods to Fight Breast Cancer If you notice a lot of pink during October, from advertisements to product packages to football uniforms, it ‘s for a good reason—October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Approximately one in six women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. October is an excellent [...]

The Top 6 Healthiest, Must-Have Foods for Men

The Top 6 Healthiest, Must-Have Foods for Men Change is a fact of life as we age, and nowhere is that more evident than around the waistline. The days of being able to eat whatever we want without gaining weight are long gone. Combine that with long hours at work, [...]

Rachel’s 30-Day Vegan Smoothie Challenge

Rachel's 30-Day Vegan Smoothie Challenge During my prep for my first bodybuilding competition, I was stuck eating oatmeal every morning.  It paid off in the long run, but after my competition, I was ready to mix it up a bit.  I wanted to add some variety and flavor into my [...]