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Let’s Take Action Together This Earth Day

From start to finish, the Growing Naturals team tries to identify ways to improve our sustainability.  We start with the grain of rice, using every layer, including the husk which is used to help fuel the production facility. Because everything finishes with you, we want to not only encourage recycling but better yet, upcycling! Together, let’s re-use and reduce the need for more stuff.

We’ve primed the creativity pump with these ideas (and more on our FB page!) but you’ll come up with lots more next time you notice what clutter needs taming or what items need an air-tight seal. And don’t forget, the lid alone can spark it’s own ideas.

Craft Caddy

Hate clutter as much as you hate waste? Upcycle your Growing Naturals tub with any leftover yarn to make this Pom Pom craft caddy.

How To:
Start wrapping from the bottom and work your way up. We trapped the ends of the yarn as we went but you could also use strong craft glue. Finish it off with a braid and some gorgeous Pom Poms. Now get creative!

Pantry Storage

Guess what? Our protein powder tubs are perfect for reuse as pantry storage and their shape makes them easy to stack and store.

How To:
We used chalkboard paint but you could also use adhesive chalkboard paper. Paint, allow to dry and then use chalk or a chalk pen to label your jars. Mix and match orange rice and green pea canister lids. Speaking of food storage, our jars work brilliantly with leftovers in the fridge too!

Beautiful Gifting

At Growing Naturals we’re into reuse and upcycling. Gift giving doesn’t have to be about buying more stuff. This beautiful gift will cost you next to nothing.

How To:
Pop a potted succulent into one of our tubs. Wrap in burlap and tie with twine. Now that’s a gift we’d like to receive!

Extra-Eco Tip: Plan ahead and choose one of your succulents to gift from. Simply break off sections to sprout roots in a cup of water, and then transfer to the tub with your own soil mix. Over years it can become a tradition with countless off-sprouts citywide.

Wheatgrass Planter

Supercharge your Growing Naturals Pear Pineapple Green Smoothie with homegrown wheatgrass. It’s so easy to grow in our protein powder lids and the best bit is that you can grow it as you need it.

How To:
We cut a few pieces of kitchen paper to fit inside the lid, sprinkled with wheatgrass seeds and then kept it damp with a water spray. Just make sure the paper doesn’t dry out. Then simply snip how much you need and add to your smoothie! Reuse has never been so delicious!

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