Stay Motivated with this Summer Workout Playlist!

Growing Naturals - Stay Motivated with this Summer Workout Playlist!

We all love to reward ourselves for workouts.  Some of my favorite ways to treat myself are mani/pedis, a slice of chocolate cake, and new workout clothes.  Another is new music.

Updating your playlist is a great way to get excited about staying active!  With the arrival of summer it’s a little hotter (understatement of the year), which can make it hard to keep moving.  So I make myself a deal – go for a jog or to the gym to lift and get a new playlist.

The reward is two fold – the initial incentive and the next workout when you remember you have all new music to jam out to!

I wanted to share with you all what I’m listening to right now.  Be warned: I have very eclectic taste in music. 😉

Growing Naturals - Summer Workout Playlist

After your workout, reward yourself again with a creative protein shake to cool down!  I recommend the Key Lime Pie.

Help me out with some new suggestions!  What are you listening to right now?


By: Laura Hall, Personal Trainer

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